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BA Business Management (Healthcare)

Studying BA (Hons) Business Management (Healthcare) will give you wide ranging and specialist knowledge in business and management, together with a basket of skills to improve your ability to learn and gain employment. The inclusion of specialist business modules in the field of healthcare will also help you prepare for a career specifically in this sector.

During this programme you will gain expert understanding in a number of business areas, including business finance, management, marketing and operations management, designed to help lay the foundations of a successful management career. Modules contained within the degree will also help you to develop the entrepreneurial skills needed if you found and run your own business.

Pathway specific modules allow you to prepare for a career in healthcare management. These modules introduce you to the provision of healthcare and the different forms this can take, together with exploring how it should be funded. You will then have an opportunity to explore effective management and leadership in a healthcare context, together with exploring how to be entrepreneurial.


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Currently we are conducting discussion session on Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm till 8pm. We can arrange other days or evening session depend on request. We have Romanian, Russian, Polish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian speaking course advisor.  


This qualification is eligible for ESFA funding which includes Tuition fees and Maintenance cost. Funding eligibility will be assessed by the Student Loan Company where they will decide eligibility. 


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